Save time and money with as-built rapid measured surveys

Last week CartoConsult Limited and Proteus Geo undertook a survey of 1 Faringdon House (the old Citizens Advice Bureau), Swindon, using its rapid laser scanning technology for Swindon Borough Council (SBC) & Forward Swindon Limited (FSL). As we all know, there are intense budgetary and resource constraints on Local Authorities, and we aim to help them with quick, reliable and cost effective solutions using innovative technology.

External face of measured survey
External face of measured survey, with added street furniture too

SBC often hand measure buildings or gain information from old as-built plans. This can be both time-consuming (resource intensive) and inaccurate. Time consuming due to the size of some buildings, and inaccurate as the internal layout of the buildings have most often been changed over the years and different tenants & uses.

Using the rapid handheld scanner, we were able to ‘measure’ in 3D the 3 storey building, that has multiple rooms and nooks & crannies in 10 minutes (the time it takes to walk the building). We were then able to process the captured data using cloud technology and a 4G signal on site, to show the client what we had captured and also QC to ensure we had captured everything. This also took 10-15 minutes. So in under 30 minutes, we had measured the whole build, to a 10mm accuracy, and in 3D. Deliverables are a 3D model and 2D floorplans/sections labelled up with measurements.

Internal/External, as-built measured survey in under 30 minutes
Internal, as-built measured survey in under 30 minutes – showcased in Recap

SBC and FSL were certainly impressed, and could instantly see the time savings for their resource but also the added value of being able to hand this 3D data to planners, architects, interior designers and constructions teams to undertake their work using reliable data. The highways team were also impressed that we had picked up the street furniture on the paths too (road signs, barriers, kerb lines etc) added even more value to the scan.


  • Large 3 storey property
  • Derelict
  • Under 30 minutes 3D rapid scan and processing – quick turnaround
  • Scalable, multiple properties per day
  • Safe (off site within an hour)
  • 10mm accuracy
  • Multiple uses for data
  • Cost effective
  • 3D model for real estate marketing of property
3D model walk thorugh using webGL technology
3D model walk thorugh using webGL technology

We had a very happy customer, who are now exploring other uses for this time saving, resource saving service from CartoConsult Limited.

How can we help you with your measuring surveys using rapid handheld laser scanning? We have identified the following sectors:

  • Local authority owned buildings
  • Real estate (residential & commercial)
  • Highways (Street furniture)
  • Railway bridges and other structures
  • Confined spaces
  • Interior design
  • Stakeholder engagement, marketing & communications

For more information or a discussion about how we can save you money and time, please contact us at:


Until next time,


CEO, Founder

CartoConsult Limited


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