CartoConsult website – Coming soon!

Its been a while since we have posted anything on the CartoConsult blog page. That is mainly because we have been busy, rather than nothing to post!

This post, is to announce that CartoConsult Limited are currently undergoing a brand refresh and a new website is being designed to communicate more effectively our innovative geospatial technology services and partnerships.

Our company is being structured to become more responsive to our clients needs. We realised very quickly that our clients needed a package of geospatial expertise to give them an end-to-end product. CartoConsult is being structured around the following disciplines:

  • Rapid Data Capture
  • Data processing & spatial analysis
  • 3D City Models/Smart Cities
  • 3D webGL visualisation

We found that reliable, rapid data capture informs so many of our projects, so we now have a fantastic partnership with ProteusGeo for handheld and mobile laser scanning.

Of course the raw 3D laser scans need processing into the correct end formats, whether that be simple 2D GIS points, lines, polygons or full detail BIM 3D models. We have a team of experienced geospatial engineers who carry out those tasks.

Then the exciting part, 3D visualisations. CartoConsult make great use of unique partnerships here. The first is with our partners and friends at CyberCity 3D Global. The global 3D GIS buildings experts. If you haven’t seen what they are working on, then this demo should whet the appetite. Canary Wharf in 3D, streamed through a webGL browser on the Cesiumjs virtual 3D globe. This platform is perfect for staging major infrastructure projects and a turnkey 3D solution to having a platform for Smart Cities initiatives. Lots more to come here from CyberCity 3D. They have also launched their new website, – check it out!

WebGL 3D environment showing GIS data in amongst CyberCity 3D buildings.
WebGL 3D environment showing eateries GIS data in amongst CyberCity 3D buildings.

We also have another 3D visualisation partnership pending for exposing our detailed 3D models in a walkthrough (gaming) environment, however we cannot say too much about that one right now, it is most certainly exciting though and will be a fantastic product for our existing and future clients.

3D walkthrough within webGL environment. Buildings modelled in Esri CityEngine and exposed through browser. More to come on this!
3D walkthrough within webGL environment. Buildings modelled in Esri CityEngine and exposed through google chrome browser. More to come on this!

Thats it for now, please keep a look out for the announcement of the website launch. In the meantime, all our contact details can be found on our holding page, or email at

You can see why our website needed a new design! We will also be launching a CartoConsult Newsletter, to help spread all the great things the company is working on.

Speak again soon!



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