Smart City data, through your browser!

CartoConsult have been undergoing R&D into browser based 3D geospatial products that can be developed and accessed through your existing browser.

There are clients that simply do not have the resources or skills to invest in expensive 3D software and licences. There is a need for hosting 3D buildings and geospatial data for reliable decision making.

Cesiumjs is the platform to do this. Cesiumjs is an open source virtual earth platform that can be developed to visualise and interrogate real world data through your browser (Chrome/Firefox etc). The platform comes with aerial imagery and terrain (you can replace with more bespoke data). With our unique partnership with CyberCity3D UK we are able to stream high resolution smart 3D buildings in to our applications (image below).


Our products can be designed so client specific data can be shown interactively with a click of the mouse. Asset and facilities management as well as urban planning and real estate will benefit from this type of solutions, being able to view their data at a city level with real world buildings.

There are no software costs or expensive licenses, the product can hosted and streamed by CartoConsult, the investment is in the design, the browser is free!

We will post more blogs as we develop the system.

Please contact us if you would like more information.


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