InfraWorks360 – The future of planning and design!

Many of you would have been to Autodesk University #AU2014 in Las Vegas, CA back in November. It looked like a fantastic event and we are very sorry we couldn’t attend.

Although not physically at #AU2014, CartoConsult’s work was. Our flourishing partnership with CyberCity3D allowed us to showcase some of our work and CyberCity3D’s high definition, spatially accurate 3D buildings (see image).


Autodesk are taking the AEC world by storm, and I cannot see anyone rivaling what they are currently achieving. At CartoConsult, we often dabble with new software releases, but very quickly head back to what we know (because it just works)….this all changed in 2012, with the release of Autodesk Infrastructure Modeller (AIM) and then most recently, InfraWorks360.

Being a geospatial company, and very much in ESRIs court for geospatial software, it was going to take something special for us to look elsewhere, and I never thought that it would be a ‘CAD’ company (as I always used to call Autodesk) that would make me turn my head. After many failed attempts to use ArcScene and ArcGlobe to provide for my clients 3D project needs, and trying to fudge something together in the very complicated 3DS Max, InfraWorks came to my rescue.

It is with confidence, that we can now respond to our AEC clients promptly, to import many different data types on a multidisciplinary project, into one 3D model and also undertake preliminary design.

That’s right, a GIS guy undertaking preliminary design for highways and buildings! What ever next? AIW360 allows quick, reliable high level option and scenario analysis. Don’t worry, these can be exported into many formats ready for the detailed design experts to tidy up, then imported back to the 3D model.

Cool huh?!

Engineering Design, Environmental Constraints and Landscape Design are just a few examples of differing data sources that can be imported, analysed and visualised in a single 3D model on a region-wide scale.

To see more examples of our work with InfraWorks360 and CyberCity3D buildings, or for us to provide a quotation for your project, please get in touch at

Please check out our website to see some of our other great geospatial solutions: @CartoConsult



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