Do we use GIS data enough?

Ok, so we all use GIS data everyday, yes we really do……

How did you find your way to a friends new house, football stadium, theme park? You use your geo-enabled device, your smartphone, tablet or sat nav, right? Yes, that’s right, you are already using geographic data in your everyday lives.

I too often find that although we use geographic data in our personal lives (nearly everyday!), in the workplace this is too often overlooked, used in the wrong way or not even thought about at all.

I work in many different business sectors, Environmental, Transportation, Water and Planning to name a few. All of these disciplines can gain huge benefits from implementing GIS data within their projects. Questions about a proposed site can be answered quickly and visually, like how many trees will be lost, what habitats will be effected and to what extent as well as visual impacts of proposed developments.

Many small and large scale developments need all of the above disciplines, but how do they work together to ensure reliable decisions are made, taking into account each others data; GIS can do this, it can integrate and inform those reliable decisions that need to be made right from the start of a project.

Maybe its a lack of marketing to the right people, or are us GIS Professionals just making GIS too complicated to understand that it is still being overlooked?

I hope throughout my blog I will be able promote how GIS can benefit or lead projects to help make these reliable decisions that effect the investors but also the public, we are all stakeholders, and early engagement is very important.






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